Snorkelling and diving

Colourful coral gardens, world-famous reefs and curious sea creatures are waiting to be discovered just beneath the surface of our magnificent coastal waterways. What are you waiting for? Grab your gear and jump in!


Brilliant Experiences


With 74 tropical islands and fringing coral reefs to cruise around, exploring the Whitsundays in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef is a must-see and unforgettable experience.

Magnetic - Snorkel

If you love snorkelling, then a trip to Magnetic Island with its warm, crystal clear waters is a ‘must do’. Your local guide will take you on an unforgettable island nature experience and show you sights that are only accessible by boat. Explore the native marine life and stunning corals, and enjoy the experience of a catch and release fishing activity.

Magnetic - Dive

Dive one of the top 10 rated Wreck dives in the world, the 110m S.S. Yongala. As it is the only large structure in the region, the marine life that gathers at the wreck is spectacular. Apart from thousands of tropical fish, you’ll see turtles, sea snakes, giant trevally, Queensland gropers, eagle rays, and sharks.

Nth Stradbroke Island

Just a few hundred metres from shore, are some of the best dive sites in South East Queensland. The reefs surrounding Point Lookout are home to turtles, dolphins, whales, manta rays and reef fish. There are numerous dive sites perfect for both Summer and Winter diving, making it perfect all year round.

Rottnest Island

Snorkelling on Rottnest Island is absolutely amazing, with many stunning beaches and calm bays to choose from. You’ll view some unique marine creatures and see tropical corals in the magical underwater world.