Western Australia

Perth is a sophisticated city with a bohemian port, loved for its majestic river, arts and culture, food and wine, parks and beaches. Join a cruise to Fremantle or to the Swan Valley Wine Region. Just a stone’s throw from Perth is Rottnest Island, famous for the world’s cutest animal - the Quokka. The island is a photographer’s dream and with over 60 beaches and bays, it offers spectacular snorkelling, cycling, walking trails and much more.

Brilliant Destinations

Perth - Swan Valley

Urban cool and eclectic experiences

From the historic port town of Fremantle, buzzing with trendy cafes and bars, to the stunning Cottesloe Beach popular with swimmers and snorkelers, Perth offers an eclectic mix of experiences waiting to be discovered. There are treetop walks, Swan River wine cruises, science museums, arts, crafts and sports to be enjoyed.

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Rottnest Island

Meet the happiest little animal on earth, the Quokka!

Affectionately known as Rotto by the locals, Rottnest Island is Perth's closest island paradise. Surrounded by sparkling turquoise waters, it is home to the happiest little animal on earth – the quokka. The only native mammal on Rottnest Island, quokkas cannot be found anywhere else on earth, making it truly unique.

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The Pilbara

Explore ancient landscapes

Want to do an epic outback road trip with a difference? The Pilbara in the northern part of WA is a unique region to explore and is the oldest known landscape on Earth, estimated to be more than 2.5 billion years old.

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