The Pilbara

Explore ancient landscapes

The Pilbara - north western WA

The Pilbara has some of the most stunning ancient landscapes in Australia and is a unique and untouched part of the country to explore if you are seeking natural and cultural wonders.

Brilliant Breaks in The Pilbara

Go For A Day

Karijini National Park Day Tour. Explore aboriginal culture, pastoral and mining histories, geology and wildlife as you travel through the stunning Hamersley Range to the entrance of the Karijini National Park. View the ancient land formations of the Weano, Joffre and Dales Gorge areas including Oxer Lookout, a towering but safe cliff face overlooking the junction of Weano, Joffre, Hancock and Red gorges.

From $235 per adult.

Go For A Day

Hamersley Gorge and Spa Pool tours. Located in the north west corner of Karijini National Park, Hamersley Gorge is the most remote of the gorges. On the descent into the gorge, you can clearly see how the layers of rock bent and buckled before they pushed their way to the surface more than 2.5 billion years ago. At the base of the gorge, take a dip in the delightful gorge pool and relax in the shade of the trees.

From $169 per adult.