Magnetic Island

Create an idyllic holiday experience visiting scenic bays, beaches, reefs and headlands

Explore the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef, cuddle up to koalas, and discover a natural paradise. Magnetic Island offers something magical for everyone: rich history, nature walks, beautiful beaches, snorkelling trails - and magnificent weather all year round. There’s an incredible photo opportunity waiting around every corner.

Magnetic Island - paradise awaits

Escape and unwind on secluded palm-fringed beaches, explore the rugged walking trails and spectacular lookouts, or enjoy a family weekend of adventure.

Magnetic Island - known as Yunbenunto the local Wulgurukaba people - boasts glorious weather all year round, stunning natural landscapes and diverse wildlife. There is something magical here for everyone.

Australian Traveller magazine Top 100 - #59 Explore Townsville and Magnetic Island

Brilliant Breaks on Magnetic Island

Luxury Series

Luxury Island Series - Townsville and Magnetic Island Delight. Relax and soak up time in paradise with four nights in the luxurious 'The Ville Resort-Casino' in Townsville, just a stone's throw from magnificent Magnetic Island. You have easy access to go snorkelling in the Great Barrier Outer Reef and a private beach picnic on Magnetic Island.

From $940pp*.

Go For A Day

Orpheus Island Day Tour. Discover the palm-fringed paradise in the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area. On this 1hr 45min scenic cruise you will pass through the picturesque Palm Island group. You’ll have plenty of time to stroll the beach on Orpheus Island and explore the surroundings, relax by the jetty, take a dip in the clear blue waters, and discover the marine life beneath the surface. Family discounts are also available!

From $135pp.

Go For A Day

Ferry-car hire. Explore Magnetic Island at your own pace with a car hire package. With a wide choice of vehicles to match your adventure, head to the Forts Walk for some pictures with the local wildlife and beautiful scenery Maggie is famous for. For the more adventurous, hire a 4WD and head down to the secluded beach at Arthur Bay, take in some hiking, go for a swim, snorkel or just relax.

From $119 for 2 adults*.

Go For A Day

Day trips. Whether you like to take a dip, snorkel the surface or dive the deep. We have all your aquatic dreams covered. Or, if you’re looking for a unique wildlife experience – feeding rock wallabies or cuddling koalas – we can do that too. For something a little different, take a stretch-Jeep to see some the Magnetic Island highlights. Your options are endless.

From $65 per person*.

Go For A Night

Accommodation options. Let’s be honest one day on Magnetic Island is just not enough. We can package accommodation at the best spots on the Island. From a tropical garden oasis to resorts and apartments for something a little special. Or stay at Australia’s only backpackers right on the beach, or a hostel in a koala sanctuary. We have the dream place for you to lay your head down. Rest up, day two on this island paradise awaits.

From $140 per night*.

Go For Longer

Queensland Islands Rail Adventure. Explore Queensland’s picturesque islands, coastline and countryside on a 13-day islands and rail adventure. With stopovers at the beautiful Fraser Island and Magnetic Island, as well as tropical Cairns, you will get to enjoy some of the best Queensland has to offer. This rail adventure offers something different where you get to mix a relaxing island getaway with a brilliant rail journey that offers a diverse and changing coastal landscape.

From $2470pp*. (Departs from Syd, Bris, Melb, Adel, Perth)

Go For Longer

Stay and play. For those dreaming of some quality island time, head to Magnetic Island to recharge your batteries. Slow the pace down, soak in the sun, sights and sounds of this amazing tropical island. Take advantage of our many great value Magnetic Island Stay & Play packages or we can tailor one to suit your individual needs so you can make the most of your island escape.

From $94 per person*.


Brilliant Experiences


Navigate the island’s brilliant snorkel trails and spend the day exploring shipwrecks and reefs. Horseshoe Bay is a great spot to see balancing boulders and rocky hills, coconut tree filled shores and stunning waters. Or encounter local marine and wildlife including turtles and even eagles being fed by hand.

Walking Trails

Magnetic Island’s walking trails offer spectacular lookouts, environments and wildlife. With a 26km network of trails, you’ll find many vantage points that boast stunning views of bays and beaches. The most famous, Forts Walk, combines magical views with fascinating WWII history and regular wildlife sightings.


Cruising is a way of life here, so relax and enjoy this tropical paradise as you explore the secret spots popular with the locals and only accessible by boat. Unlock the secrets of this beautiful North Queensland region and discover the native marine life and stunning corals of these pristine waters.

Best things to see and do on Magnetic Island

  • Magnetic Island has walking trails offering spectacular lookouts, environments and wildlife. With a 26km network of trails, you’ll find many vantage points that boast stunning views of bays and beaches. The most famous, Forts Walk, combines magical views with fascinating WWII history and regular wildlife sightings.

  • Spend the day exploring the brilliant Magnetic Island snorkel trail, shipwrecks and reefs. The stunning waters of Horseshoe Bay, lined with cheerful coconut trees, provide a great spot for activities to excite the whole family.

  • Cruising is a way of life on Magnetic Island and things to do include a visit to the Great Barrier Reef, whale watching or even a scenic flight. A Magnetic Island day trip is the perfect way to soak it all in.

  • Get up close and personal with native Australian wildlife at the Magnetic Island koala park. A photo cuddled up to one of our most popular national icons is an opportunity not to miss!

  • Satisfy your appetite at one of the many restaurants and cafés. Locally roasted coffee, fresh produce and exquisite seafood fresh from the ocean are always on the menu.

  • Watch the sunset from Hawkings Point. This easy, 30 minute walk will reward you with gorgeous views across the waters as the sun slips below the horizon.

Magnetic rock lookout

Walking Tracks

Love trekking through nature? The vast network of Magnetic Island walking tracks offers spectacular vantage points and photo opportunities. The popular Forts Walk in Magnetic Island National Park features historic World War II infrastructure. It’s a definite must-see for history buffs.

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Magnetic Island Tours

With 23 tranquil bays, you’re never far from the shore. For a fully immersive experience, book a Magnetic Island snorkel tour. There’s no better way to see amazing coral reefs and sea life that form part of the world-renowned Great Barrier Reef.

Feeling daring? Dive deeper with a Magnetic Island diving tour where adventure and the SS Yongala shipwreck await discovery.


Koala Park Magnetic Island

Who doesn’t love these adorable Australian icons? The koala park on Magnetic Island is home to northern Australia’s largest colony of wild koalas, along with native rock wallabies, possums, eagles and other wildlife.

You’ll quickly discover Magnetic Island is an easy place to love, but a hard place to leave.