Bruny Island

A food lovers gourmet getaway

Experience the best the Tasmanian wilderness has to offer, with a visit to Bruny Island. Famous for its cliff-top views accessible by numerous walking trails, Bruny is a must for photographers and nature lovers. For the food lovers, there's gourmet cheese, wine, whiskey, and oysters plucked fresh from the ocean to savour.

Bruny Island - savour the taste of adventure

Bruny Island, off the south-east coast of Tasmania, boasts stunning coastlines, surf and swimming beaches. The island’s amazing coastal walks include The Neck - a sandbar that joins North and South islands and provides incredible 360° views.

To enjoy all of the Bruny Island attractions, sights and flavours, make your way here aboard the SeaLink Bruny Island Ferry. This enchanting destination will capture your imagination and live long in your memory.

Australian Traveller magazine Top 100 - #70 Enjoy a long weekend on Bruny Island

Brilliant Breaks on Bruny Island

Luxury Series

Luxury Island Series - Hobart and Bruny Island Eco Experience. Take a short break to southern Tasmania, with an overnight stop in Hobart. Then head over to Bruny Island to discover the delicious food and wine and the small farm-gate shops that the island is fast becoming known for. Plus you’ll have time to explore some of the many scenic walking trails.

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Go For A Day

Walking trails. Bruny has some amazing walking trails that take you to see the stunning landscapes, local wildlife and famous lighthouse tours. Combine one of the many Bruny Island walking tours with a fabulous food and luxury camping experiences. You can even learn how to shuck your own oysters straight from the ocean!

Go For A Night

Wilderness journeys. Join an award-winning Bruny Island wilderness cruise that will take you passed the high sea cliffs of the island where you will spot a variety of coastal wildlife such as seals, dolphins and seabirds. There are range of guided and luxury tours on land, water or even air that will show you why this island is so special.

Go For Longer

Caravan and camping. Take the caravan or the tent and head across to Bruny Island. Whether you’re a local looking for a quick getaway or undertaking an epic journey around Australia, Bruny Island is a perfect spot to park the van and explore the many nature, landscape and food wonders this part of Australia has to offer.

Best things to see and do

  • Climb the Cape Bruny Lighthouse for inspiring views across the sea. Built by Governor George Arthur in the 1830s, this is Australia’s southernmost lighthouse and one of the oldest.

  • Join local experts on a Bruny Island tour to find out more about the local nature and wildlife. A day trip or an evening trip provides many different ways to experience Bruny’s incredibly unique animals and landscapes.

  • Combine a walking tour of Bruny with a fabulous food and luxury camping experience. It’s a perfect way to find out what makes the island so special.

  • Bruny has some amazing walking trails that take you to stunning landscapes and local wildlife. Labillardiere Peninsula walk is a 14km circuit that serves up excellent views of the Southern Ranges.

  • Take a trip to The Neck for spectacular 360° views.

  • Visit the Bruny Island Oyster Farm 'Get Shucked' and learn how to shuck your own oysters straight from the ocean - they're mouth-watering!

  • Join a birdwatching or wildlife tour to spot seals, little penguins, swift parrots, or the infamous white wallaby.

  • Hike the Labillardiere Peninsula Circuit. The short loop is ideal for a casual stroll, while the all-day walk will suit experienced trekkers.

  • Join the Bruny Island Cruises team on an award-winning wilderness cruise. As you pass towering sea cliffs, you should spot a variety of coastal wildlife such as seals, dolphins, migrating whales and seabirds.

Whale breaching

Amazing Wildlife

Bruny Island is a favourite with the adorable Little Penguins. After spending the day feeding in the ocean, the Bruny Island penguins return to their burrows in the sand each day at dusk.

Take in spectacular ocean views of the Labillardiere Peninsula and the Cape Bruny Lighthouse. At the right time of year, you might even spy southern right whales gliding through the sparkling waters.

Bruny quoll

A Nature Lover's Wonderland

Venture inland to the magnificent South Bruny National Park. You’ll find yourself spellbound by lush rainforests forests that are home to abundant birds and wildlife. If you’re planning a Bruny Island camping holiday, there’s a great selection of camping sites across the island to keep you close to nature.

Bruny Oysters

Bruny Island Food and Produce

For lovers of fine food, wine and whisky, you’re in for a treat. On your list of Bruny Island things to do, be sure to visit the Bruny Island Cheese Company, Smoke House, Chocolate Company and Get Shucked Oysters. And be sure to visit the House of Whisky and a Bruny Island winery for a taste of premium wines.